Our mission and values

Our leadership team believes that plant ownership should be accessible to all and not just a select few.

Our mission is to create an environment where avid plant enthusiasts and new plant parents can feel comfortable, confident, and supported along their individual plant journeys.

The Growing Groves will not only source our plants and products from local vendors and nurseries, but will also strive to support other small businesses that share our progressive culture and values.

219 E Street Suite A, Davis CA 95616

Plant selection

Coming soon!

What’s growing?

Founders Larry Groves and Ricky Barosa

About us

Hi Planty people! we’re the founders of the growing groves!

We are so excited to finally open up our own shop in the heart of downtown Davis, California. We hope we can be a valuable addition to the Davis community!

219 E Street
Suite A (Upstairs)
Davis, CA 95616